Twenty years ago, we began repairing leather furniture as a family business, and over the years have developed a full-service furniture repair company. We clean and repair all types of furniture. We seek the restoration and repair of all upholstered furniture, including fabric furniture. We know furniture and we always seek to focus on "finessing" your upholstered furniture.

The art and craft of repairing leather furniture goes back thousands of years. Yet the repair of leather furniture with today's products is relatively new. In the past scuffed and scratched leather was repaired with shoe polish or some home remedy. Over the last 20 plus years there have been many new developments in the repairing of leather upholstered furniture. Dyes and finishes have been perfected and compounds for the repair of scratched or scuffed leather provides for a near invisible repair.

Many people are under the impression that leather furniture cannot be repaired. This is not the case. I can repair most damage that comes across my path. When it is not advisable to repair the damaged leather, I recommend that the client replace the specific panel of leather with a newly sewn in piece of leather. This approach can be very effective, but there are times when we replace the damaged panel of leather with a new piece of leather that is not an exact color match. It's at this point that we can then offer to dye the new piece of leather so as to match the original.